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02/06/2013 - A Super Bowl To Remember

A Super Bowl to Remember 
Super Bowl 47 was one for the books! Hopefully you were able to catch the game, and if not, you've probably heard by now the highlights. BROTHERS going head to head against each other were the headline... John Harbaugh with his "underdog" Baltimore Ravens were able to put an end to the 49ers Super Bowl winning streak. It's got to stink to be Jim Harbaugh and now have your older brother wearing new jewelry to each family gathering from here on out. Imagine being the parents of the Harbaugh boys. How do you go to the grocery store and choose between decorated cakes... it's not like they make one with BOTH team colors so they don't have to use (and no one really needs TWO decorated cakes - with all the other food there is available on Super Bowl Sunday). 
Speaking of food... what was the first item you went for when the buffet was ready? I came across some kind of dip from heaven, that I will eventually track down the full recipe, that was cheesy, a tad spicy, and went incredibly good on top of a tortilla chip. There was plenty to choose from at my gathering of choice (aka my favorite local pub within walking distance of my house, it's the Super Bowl. Cops are going to be out in full force, so #1 rule is NO drinking and driving. But we all know that...) We had homemade MaidRites, dips galore, your standard veggie tray, meat and cheese arrangements, glazed blueberry mini-donuts, cookie bars and mango & raspberry cheesecake for dessert. Indulge much? It's Super Bowl Sunday. Today certainly doesn't count if you're on a diet. 
The ads this year seemed mediocre. There were a few that grabbed my attention, and there were a few that made me feel like I was watching late night infomercials. The best? To me, the Budweiser Clydesdales. More fans in the bar cheered at the end of that 60 second commercial than they did when either team on the screen scored a touchdown. We even had a crier! Emotions. That's what Super Bowl ad time is all about. Dodge was able to get some out of their 2 minute commercial. How perfectly brilliant of them to have Paul Harvey narrating the story of the 8th day... when God created the Farmer.
Maybe you're the kind of Super Bowl fan who doesn't even show up until an hour into the game, just to get a bowl of chili and catch the Half-Time show (obviously, sponsored by Pepsi, if I don't include that, they might yell at me). The 15 year old fan girl inside of me was ecstatic during the entire performance. From the moment Beyonce's silhouette appeared, it was a party. From what I've read in reviews today, the show wasn't much to those that were physically at the Super Dome, but what's 72,000 people? Beyonce was putting on a show for the millions watching all over the globe. Video stunts, lights, fire - and when you least expect it - a Destiny's Child reunion. Everyone on your feet! Is that Kelly and Michelle? Sure is! Now, DANCE! And say your goodbyes to one of the last football games on a Sunday night for a few months. -Jillene 

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